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Stratovarius - Singles B-Sides

Album: Singles B-Sides
Año: 2003

CD 1
01-Full Moon
03-Speed of Light (live)
04-Will The Sun Rise (live)
05-Eternity (live)
06-Father Time (live)
07-Distant Skies (live)
08-Future Shock -96
09-Black Diamond (demo)
10-The kiss of Judas (demo)
11-We Hold The Key (live)
12-Fourth Reich (live)
13-Uncertainty (live)
15-4000 Rainy Nights (live)

CD 2
01-Neon Light Child
02-Hunting High And Low (demo)
03-Millenium (demo)
04-Phoenix (live)
05-Infinity (live)
06-Freedom (demo)
07-Neon Light Child (demo)
08-Phoenix (demo)
09-Run Away
10-Eagleheart (demo)
11-Papillon (french version)
12-Find Your Own Voice (demo)
13-Soul Of a Vagavond (demo)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TOOK4OJO

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